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Posts Tagged ‘ Jamie Cox ’

Jamie Cox, Domestic Violence Betrayed

April 19, 2013

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BETRAYED By Jamie Cox, M.Ed. The accusation that blows the whistle on domestic violence is a life changer.  When valid, it can restore and rebuild a life.  When it’s a lie, it will rape and ravage.  Jails for the criminals and jails for the accused. While false accusations may not escalate to...
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Changing the Domenstic Violence Scene — MOVVE

March 25, 2013

CHANGING THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SCENE Denial was always the reality protecter that insulated the family from the truth.  Her boys never said anything and her husband’s voice never once uttered what his eyes revealed.  After all, who could acknowledge a mother abusing her sons.  It was those soccer parents witnessing what Pat was doing...
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