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Courts Criminal

NCFM Member Michael Conzachi letter to CA Judicial Council re modifyng restraining order laws

September 17, 2013

The California Judicial Council is the ruling body overseeing California state courts. The Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee of the California Judicial Council recently recommended that the Judicial Council sponsor legislation to amend laws on restraining orders to clarify and improve the rules for continuing hearings. This proposal by the Committee and the...
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Whitewash! Prosecutorial misconduct whitewashed by disgusting circle the wagon cronyism in the ADA Mary Kellett disciplinary case.

July 15, 2013

Whitewash! Prosecutorial misconduct whitewashed by disgusting circle the wagon cronyism in the Mary Kellett case. This is the most blatant case of prosecutorial misconduct of which I know. So egregious is this case that NCFM along with others last year filed complaints with the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar against prosecutor Mary...
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NCFM PR Director Steven Svoboda, Esq. reviews Terms of Enforcement: Making Men Pay for What They’ve Done

October 14, 2012

NCFM NOTE: It’s as true today as it was in 2002… About the Author: Steven S. Richmond, MSW, MA is a psychotherapist, prize-winning author, and expert on social services delivery systems. His first book, Public Welfare: Notes from Underground, has been required reading for graduate students of social work for more than two decades....
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