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Courts Criminal

NCFM Award Winner Wendy McElroy, Rape Culture Hysteria, Ain’t I a Woman

September 21, 2016

NCFM NOTE: With permission, we are excited to share the preface to Wendy McElroy’s newest book Rape Culture Hysteria. The outline of the book is here as a PDF. Additionally, we will soon publish Chapter Five: Comparison of the Key Surveys Regarding Rape, Why Do Rape Statistics Vary So Widely? Introduction, arguably the most comprehensive analysis of related...
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Posted in CA SB 967, Campus Accountability and Safety Act, CASA, Courts, Courts Criminal, Courts Family, Discrimination, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Discrimination Against Men in the Military, Discrimination Men by Men, Double Standard, Due Process, False Accusations in the Military, False Allegations, Female Abusers, Female Perpetrators, Female Privilege, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Feminist Jurisprudence, Feminist Spin, Gender Equality, Gender Politics, Government Programs for Women, Health Men, Legislation Bad, Male Victims, Man Bashing, Matriarchy, Media Bias, Perps Female, Perps government, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Radical, Rape, Rape Culture, Rape in the Military, Rape on Campus, Revolutionary, Sexual Assault, Supremist, Wendy McElroy | No Comments »

NCFM Advisor Charles Corry, Ph.D, article, Social Versus Criminal Justice

July 3, 2014

NCFM NOTE: This is a provocative article about criminal justice in America. NCFM is nonpartisan. Our members lean left to right and right to left, often causing a strange type of motion sickness of ideas. We take pride in that and in our belief that conservative, liberal or anywhere in between, our members share...
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Posted in Action, Activism, Charles Corry, Courts Criminal, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Discrimination Men by Men | 1 Comment »

NCFM Member’s saga: Three DUI’s in two years, car wrecks, suicide attempt, drug abuse… and she gets custody of the children!

May 26, 2014

By Anonymous I am watching the two Cichlid fish flit about the aquarium in the playroom. My 3 year old son and I picked them out last week. At the pet shop he set his sights on the ugliest fish in the tank, a tan and pink “calico” with black markings. It looked like...
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Posted in Child Abuse, Child Custody, Courts Criminal, Courts Family, Domestic Violence Industry, Feminist Jurisprudence, Judges, Judges Bad, Lawyers, Men's Rights, Other, Sex Discrimination Against Men | 7 Comments »