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NCFM Adviser Bill Ronan, LICSW, THE BATTERING HUSBAND published in the Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal

October 24, 2018

Most of the approaches to wife beating counseling that I have been familiar with deal with it from the wife’s or victim’s point of view. The general assumption is that the man or husband is evil. I’ve even heard counselors refer to it as a “possession.” With this kind of attitude it leaves little...
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Posted in Bill Ronan, Domestic Violence Against Men, Domestic Violence Victims | 2 Comments »

NCFM President Harry Crouch explains “How to work with DV industry councils, coalitions, whatever you want to call them…”

June 8, 2012
NCFM President Harry Crouch explaines “How to work with DV industry councils, coalitions, whatever you want to call them…”

This article came about for two reasons. First, a much shorter version is an early contribution to a soon to be launched blog. Second, the expanded version, this one, was triggered by SAVE Services teleconference training about how to effectively work with domestic violence councils, the outline of which I’ve included at the end...
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Activist Joe Manthey opinion piece on feminist false domestic violence statistics published in Petaluma Patch

April 20, 2012

False Statistics by Feminist Groups Lead to Hysteria, Misandry The leading cause of death for women is heart disease, followed by cancer, not domestic violence, says male advocate and Petaluma resident Joe Manthey In your April 17 With Three Domestic Violence Murders in Three Years, Advocates Say Problem Not Going Away article you quoted Jacque Reid,...
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Posted in Action, Feminist Spin, Myths | 10 Comments »