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Posts Tagged ‘ glass ceiling ’

NCFM Chicago Chapter President, Tim Goldich, What Changed? The Glass Floor, Part 2

April 19, 2017

NCFM Chicago Chapter President Tim Goldich, What Changed?  The Glass Floor, Part 2 In part one I argue that The Deal, the gender deal, which included both a Glass Ceiling and a Glass Floor, was a deal created, ratified, engaged in, and maintained by Woman and Man in co-equal co-partnership. But if that’s true,...
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Posted in Differences Between Men and Women, Elite, Equitable, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Libertarian, Myths, Radical, Revolutionary, Supremist, Tim Goldich | No Comments »

NCFM Adviser Richard Driscoll, PhD, “Behind the Gender Pay Gap”

September 3, 2015

By NCFM Behind the Gender Pay Gap At the recent Iowa State Fair gathering, candidate Carly Fiorina was asked if she for equal pay for equal work. She answered yes, of course, and turned to singe Hillary Clinton for advocating equal pay but not practicing it with her own staff. The equal pay issue promises...
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Posted in Glass Ceiling, Glass Floor, Richard Driscoll (Dr D), Wage Gap, War Against Men, Would You Meet Me Halfway | No Comments »