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NCFM-LA Chapter President Ray Blumhorst, Feminist History – Often A Legacy of Half-Truths

October 18, 2016

Feminist History – Often A Legacy of Half-Truths by: Ray Blumhorst Dead men tell no tales, but their silence cries out from the grave at the gross distortions of reality propagated by feminist “Her-story” (what passes for feminist history). On a wall in an office of a prominent feminist organization hangs enlarged photos of...
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Posted in Abused Men, Boys, Discrimination, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Discrimination Men by Men, Elite, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Feminist Jurisprudence, Gender Equality, Gender Politics, Hate Speech, Male Privilege, Male Victims, Man Bashing, Men's Rights, Men's Rights Movement, Mens' Organizations, MGTOW, Military, Myths, Perps government, Radical, Ray Blumhorst, Revolutionary, Sexism Reverse, Shameful, Supremist, Veterans, Victim Male, Voting, War Against Men | 3 Comments »