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Posts Tagged ‘ women industries ’

NCFM PR Director Steven Svoboda, Esq. highly recommends “The Feminist Crusades”

September 24, 2013

NCFM NOTE: If you are not a believer or don’t know what damage the feminist crusades have caused in creating the Women Industries and Feminist Jurisprudence then one day you may awake in bed with a SWAT Team pointing machine guns at you because you passed gas when leaving a hearing at your local...
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NCFM Minnesota Liaison Bill Ronan on protective orders as weapons

September 26, 2012

State Enabled Entrapment – Protective Orders By Bill Ronan, LICSW Your wife or girlfriend has decided she is done with you.  But she wants the house, kids, car, and citizenship, whatever.  So she gets an order for protection (OFP) that kicks you out of the house and you no longer have access to these...
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Posted in Abused Man, Action, Activities, Bill Ronan, Discrimination Against Men, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Domestic Violence Industry, Government Programs for Women, Restraining Orders | 3 Comments »