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NCFM PRESS RELEASE calls on Candidates to Stop Spewing Gender Pay Gap Myth

January 29, 2016
NCFM PRESS RELEASE calls on Candidates to Stop Spewing Gender Pay Gap Myth NCFM calls on Candidates to Stop Spewing Gender Pay Gap Myth The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) calls on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and all other candidates to be honest about the gender “pay gap.” Claiming that women “earn less” without explaining why is misleading and dishonest. The Department of Labor funded a...
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In Maryland, a rare reversal of suspensions for two lacrosse players

April 30, 2012
In Maryland, a rare reversal of suspensions for two lacrosse players

This is a major defeat for “political correctness” and on show fits all “zero tolerance” school practices and a victory for common sense. Notice in the article that there is no mention of any action taken against the administrator attempted to ruin the lives of two boys. They don’t even mention the name of...
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What does your vagina smell like?

February 6, 2012
What does your vagina smell like?

By Steven Deluca “What does your vagina smell like”  was/is a serious question asked by “some” feminists of other women. The answers have a pattern.  It’s like people telling you about their past lives.  No one ever says, my 30th generation back consisted of street beggars and pedophiles and – evidently, despite commercials to the...
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February 3, 2012

…and the school principle, Cynthia Taylor, who labeled this kid SEX OFFENDER should be fired and banished to some deserted desert island with tainted drinking water infested with malaria carrying mosquitoes. Why? Because politically correct ideologically indoctrinated idiots should not be running our schools, be allowed anywhere near sane people or our children, and...
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NCFM Members Helping Our Troops

August 1, 2011
NCFM Members Helping Our Troops

Amongst other activities, the nonprofit organization Honoring Our Troops packs care packages for our troops. Three NCFM members are directly involved with Honoring Our Troops, two of who are key to the organizations success (Rich and Allan). The other is me. They let me help with things not to complicated. Honoring Our Troops staff...
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national coalition for men
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See NCFM Wayback

waybackmachineOver the years millions of people worldwide have visited a National Coalition For Men website. Also over the years the site has changed dramatically, been taken down, moved, and otherwise uprooted. In those processes much information was lost, not recovered, and does not appear on this site. However you can see earlier versions and many of the extraordinary accomplishments of NCFM back to 1996 by using the WayBackMachine. In the search box type

Are Things Really Equal?

The Red Pill Review by NCFM Member Paul Elam

Why are so many women raping boys?

Absolutely a must watch video, especially if you still think men are advantaged over women

Save our heroes

Useful Family Law Resource based on California Law.

Untying the Knot | Los Angeles, Ca Divorce - how to file for divorce videos NCFM receives a small percentage of sales and NCFM members are involved in the development and operation of the for profit site, though NCFM has no involvement other than being an affiliate. A tremendous amount of $$ and time has been spent developing this site which may be very useful if you have related issues. However, NCFM takes no responsibility for its content, use, or outcomes.

NCFM Adviser Philip W. Cook with “Girl Writes What” NCFM Member Karen Straughan

Girlwriteswhat on ideological feminism and its impact on our society and culture

campus hate speech

Foundation for Male Studies

Conference on Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions Part 1 from Joseph Notovitz on Vimeo

Watch "Conference" part 2

Please donate to the Foundation for Male Studies by visiting our Donations page. There may be nothing more important for our future than to assure the fair, equitable, and high quality education of our boys and men.

More on the war against males in education

Great site for the facts and relevant ariticles

center for prosecutorial integrety

Interview with Erin Pizzey, the women who started the domestic violence shelter movement

Click on the picture below for Erin’s website

Other MUST WATCH Videos


Dr. Helen

Protect yourself! Get the book!!

Great Resources for Abused Men

  • Dometic Abuse Hotline for Men and Women, based in Maine, offers 24-hour hotline: 1-888-7HELPLINE (1-888-743-5754) and may be offering shelter services.
  • Valley Oasis in Lancater, CA has offers shelter and other services for men and their children. 24-hour Hotline: (661) 945-6736.
  • Family of Men Support Society, Calgary, Canada, shelter and support services.
  • Male Survivor, Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men
  •, provides resources for pro bono and legal services attorneys and others working to assist low income or disadvantaged clients.
  •, helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers to questions about their legal rights, and find forms to help with their legal problems.
  • Shared Parenting Works has parenting plans and other resources.
  • Walk a Mile in HIS Shoes resources for abused men in Canada.
  • One in Three Campaign resoures for abused men in Australia.
  • Stop Abuse for Everyone, one of the most comprehensive and oldest sites dedicated to victims of domestic violence. The site was recently upgraded with the assistance of NCFM. The site includes an interactive map of north America for helping to find shelter services that might or do help abused men.