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Elijah Ward

NCFM Member Elijah Ward, “Never give up!”, the fourth installment in a continuing series

November 5, 2012

Jeff entered into the New Hampshire divorce courts like most fathers.  Using no-fault divorce, his wife sued him, filed a motion for a secret hearing, where his children were taken from him, a monthly payment for child support was ordered to prevent his being able to afford representation, and a guardian ad litem was...
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NCFM Member Elijah Ward, the third installment in a continuing series, “How to Eat a Guardian ad Litem for lunch”

October 27, 2012

After the fathers in New Hampshire got together in recent years via social media, we came to realize that even though the facts of our cases were different, the courts treated our cases in similar ways.  Sequential actions were conducted that first took our children away in secret hearings that we had no recourse...
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NCFM Member Elijah Ward, the second in a continuing series, “After the Immolation of Sgt. Thomas Ball”

September 20, 2012

After the Immolation of Sgt. Thomas Ball By Elijah Ward, The immolation of Sgt. Thomas Ball galvanizes fathers across New Hampshire and serves as a threshold event for the various players in the drama. Before Thomas Ball‘s identity was disclosed, Fathers checked on each other.  Everyone knew others who have been abused and humiliated...
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Posted in Abused Man, Action, Activities, Courts Family, Death By Court, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Elijah Ward | 2 Comments »