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Posts Tagged ‘ family rights ’

NCFM – another first! Gender Roles Discussion event at San Francisco Federal Building to address Men’s Issues

July 19, 2014

NCFM NOTE: Special thanks goes to NCFM San Francisco Chapter member Jeanne Falla for making this happen. It took her several months to arrange and coordinate this event. Rarely do we have the opportunity to take part in a discussion between a well-known women’s studies professor and an extremely knowledgeable MRA. We believe that’s...
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NCFM Advisor Gordon Finley, Ph.D., opinion piece about alimony published in the Miami Herald

November 21, 2012

Change alimony laws The letter below was published in The Miami Herald on Thursday, November 15, 2012 and is followed by the article to which it responded. Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Florida International University, Miami Change alimony laws Re the Nov. 11 article Florida group pushes for more alimony...
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NCFM Award Winner Barbara Kay: Britain strikes first major blow for fathers rights

June 22, 2012

NOTE: This is huge! And, it is one giant step in the right direction for the rights of men, fathers, children, families, and all sensible women; that is, most of us. As usual Barbara Kay gives us a stunning report…thanks again Barbara for being you. Let us pray that the voices of reason drown...
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