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National Coalition For Men gets honorable mention in the National Review

June 25, 2014
National Coalition For Men gets honorable mention in the National Review

NCFM NOTE: We got a nice mention by columnist Christine Sisto in the National Review. She said: “A Voice for Men and other MRA websites do seem to focus all of their energy on hating the feminist movement. But some, like the National Coalition for Men, focus on real issues that men face.” And,...
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NCFM mentioned with BBC Magazine Men’s Movement article “Just who are men’s rights activists”.

May 3, 2012
NCFM mentioned with BBC Magazine Men’s Movement article “Just who are men’s rights activists”.

NOTE: NCFM, in  a sidebar, is shown as a notable activist Men’s Movement organization along with Fathers 4 Justice and Save the Indian Family Foundation in India. Aside from which this is one of the better articles about our issues and the ever expanding forms of discrimination against men. BBC Magazine  2 May 2012...
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Around the World – Men’s Rights Movements

April 15, 2011

Updated April 2011 ALPHA PHI ALPHA Black fraternity wants White House Council on Men and Boys AUSTRALIA Australian Men’s Rights Agency ENGLAND Meanwhile British Men Finally Get Their Say INDIA Harassed men, kin to hit streets Divorce Rights Unite Husbands ‘Harrassed” Husbands Plan Struggle Against Biased Laws Boys Fight for Freedom Now, is That Malevolence? Mens...
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See NCFM Wayback

waybackmachineOver the years millions of people worldwide have visited a National Coalition For Men website. Also over the years the site has changed dramatically, been taken down, moved, and otherwise uprooted. In those processes much information was lost, not recovered, and does not appear on this site. However you can see earlier versions and many of the extraordinary accomplishments of NCFM back to 1996 by using the WayBackMachine. In the search box type

Bookmark this site if you are a college student or parent who cares about the children regardless of their age…

a voice for male students

IMPORTANT – This is an example of what some of our elected officials want for the general population.

Are Things Really Equal?

Girlwriteswhat on ideological feminism and its impact on our society and culture

campus hate speech

More on the war against males in education

This explains why our politicians do stupid things about domestic violence

The Richard Fine Saga and Family Court Cartel

Interview with Erin Pizzey, the women who started the domestic violence shelter movement

Click on the picture below for Erin’s website


Other MUST WATCH Videos


Great place for discussions about men’s health

national coalition for men
Driscoll Would you meet me half way cover

Great Resources for Abused Men

  • Male Survivor, Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men
  •, provides resources for pro bono and legal services attorneys and others working to assist low income or disadvantaged clients.
  •, helps low and moderate income people find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers to questions about their legal rights, and find forms to help with their legal problems.
  • Shared Parenting Works has parenting plans and other resources.
  • Walk a Mile in HIS Shoes resources for abused men in Canada.
  • One in Three Campaign resoures for abused men in Australia.
  • Stop Abuse for Everyone, one of the most comprehensive and oldest sites dedicated to victims of domestic violence. The site was recently upgraded with the assistance of NCFM. The site includes an interactive map of north America for helping to find shelter services that might or do help abused men.
  • More great resources for men and those who care about men. Ask your elected officials if they do.

    Men's Health Network

    Protect yourself! Get the book!!