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Posts Tagged ‘ mens movement ’

NCFM Member Tim Patten’s new book, “Masculinity Is Our Future” Sets Out to Revolutionize Masculine Virtues

February 16, 2018

Newly released book by gay author, Tim Patten, offers game-changing insights about understanding women, reducing unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence, suicide, and rape  SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. X, 2017 – Tim Patten has released his sixth book on DATE, Masculinity Is Our Future which is an unapologetic and realistic understanding of what being masculine means...
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National Coalition For Men gets honorable mention in the National Review

June 25, 2014

NCFM NOTE: We got a nice mention by columnist Christine Sisto in the National Review. She said: “A Voice for Men and other MRA websites do seem to focus all of their energy on hating the feminist movement. But some, like the National Coalition for Men, focus on real issues that men face.” And,...
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NCFM mentioned with BBC Magazine Men’s Movement article “Just who are men’s rights activists”.

May 3, 2012

NOTE: NCFM, in  a sidebar, is shown as a notable activist Men’s Movement organization along with Fathers 4 Justice and Save the Indian Family Foundation in India. Aside from which this is one of the better articles about our issues and the ever expanding forms of discrimination against men. BBC Magazine  2 May 2012...
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