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Chris Thompson

NCFM Montana Chapter Founder Chris Thompson on Obama and his administration’s war against men

January 28, 2014

NCFM NOTE: Chris pioneered NCFM’s first NCFM group recognized by a major state university, Montana State University at Bozeman. He has been deeply involved with the current administration’s misandric policies since his administration turned the safest campus in the nation to the most dangerous, a campus where few sexual assaults occurred to being demonized...
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NCFM MSU in the news for wanting to cure rape hysteria…

March 28, 2013

Men’s group wants to cure Montana’s ‘rape hysteria’ The National Coalition for Men has its sights set on starting a chapter at the University of Montana next fall. NCFM Campus coordinator and spokesman Christopher Thompson said that he is working on meeting with fraternities in the next few weeks to get them on board...
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NCFM Campus Coordinator Chris Thompson in the news re NCFM college chapters

March 16, 2013

NCFM note: Nice work Mr. Thompson! Readers stay tuned. As some rightly say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet…” Men Discrimination double-take by Jamie Rogers In a 2006 Super Bowl commercial for FedEx, a grizzly bear kicks Burt Reynolds in the crotch. For many, groin shots are lumped into the same hard-not-to-laugh category as farts...
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