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NCFM Member Jerry Cox drama continues with Mariposa County fighting the California Receivership Group for all the money

November 4, 2021

Filings in Cox case seem to pit county against receiver group Discharge hearing still scheduled to go on Nov. 22 November 04, 2021 By GREG LITTLE Editor, Mariposa Gazette There is no question the matter involving Jerry Cox has been almost circus-like since its inception more than five years ago. However, in the latest...
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NCFM Member Jerry Cox federal case alleging misconduct by Mariposa county and the sheriff’s office will move forward.

October 22, 2021
Jerry Cox

County denied motion in federal case involving Cox October 21, 2021 By GREG LITTLE Editor A federal lawsuit filed by a Mariposa County man involved in years-long high profile cases will proceed. In a ruling handed down last week in the United States District Court, Eastern District of California, the judge ruled the case...
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NCFM Member Poem for Young Army Suicide Victim

February 16, 2021
NCFM Member Poem for Young Army Suicide Victim

Today, we received an “unusual request” to publish a poem from one of our Army Veteran members. Here’s what he says… __________________________________________ I finally talked to my son at length about his friend who committed suicide. I didn’t know this but my son talked to him at length about 12 hours before he took...
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