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Posts Tagged ‘ sexist ’

NCFM Member Ray Licht response from NPR Ombudsman adds more evidence of sexism!

August 26, 2014

By Ray Licht NCFM NOTE: NCFM filed a formal complaint with the NPR Ombudsman too. We have yet to receive a reply. Anyone who listens to NPR, even for the shortest of time, cannot miss the bias against men, especially on their national shows. How anyone can come to another conclusion escapes me, unless...
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NCFM Award Winner BARBARA KAY: KFC’s ‘hot shot bites’ ad campaign leaves me cold

August 14, 2013

NCFM NOTE: Canadian national columnist Barbara Kay takes on slap happy Kentucky Fried Chicken ads! It’s just a matter of time now. Just a matter of time before Uncle Sanders rises from the grave and thumps those that have sullied his name by promoting female violence against men. Just a matter of time… don’t...
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Posted in Discrimination Against Males, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Domestic Violence Industry, Double Standard, Media Bias | No Comments »

Men in India get murdered on buses. Where’s the outcry?

January 11, 2013

NCFM NOTE: Jyoti Singh, the physiotherapy student who recently died in India after being horrifically abused and raped by six men on a bus had a male friend with her, Awninder Pandey, He too was beaten, stripped, and pitched out in the street to die. Why is it that we don’t hear more about him,...
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Posted in Abused Man, Discrimination Against Males, Double Standard, Horrible, India, Lawyers, Murder, Peter Zohab | 8 Comments »