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Posts Tagged ‘ carl augustsson ’

NCFM Georgian Liaison Carl Augustsson, update, men’s rights movement and conscription

June 26, 2015

By NCFM Abolishing the sexist nature of conscription is just one of many reasons the Men’s Rights Movement is needed. Conscription, or as I call it “The glorified national sexist enslavement of young men” is clearly one of the more important reasons. In fairness of full disclosure, the Men’s Rights movement is not necessarily anti-conscription,...
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Posted in Authors, Carl Augustsson, Conscription, Male Victims, Men's Rights, MRA, National Coalition For Men, NCFM | 1 Comment »

NCFM VP Marc Angelucci and Republic of Georgia Liaison Carl Augustsson join protest at Academy of Pediatrics over circumcision double standards in New Orleans

October 30, 2012

Female infant circumcision is rightfully illegal but it is Ok to circumcise infant males! Bull. On October 20, 2012, NCFM members Carl Agustsson and Marc Angelucci participated in a protest against infant male genital cutting outside of the national meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) at the Convention Center in New Orleans,...
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NCFM Liaison Carl Augustsson challenges Georgia Today article about domestic violence

February 15, 2012

“Georgia Today”, a weekly English-language newspaper, ran the following front-page headline:  More women acknowledge their rights when oppressed and abused.  The picture on the cover was a woman cowering in the corner (covering the back of her head) and the clinched fist of a man.  While the article has a few positive points, it...
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Posted in Action, Carl Augustsson, Discrimination Against Males, Domestic Abuse/Violence, International, International, Myths, Supremist | No Comments »