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Posts Tagged ‘ department of education ’

Screw free speech, PC sexual harassment idiots, North Carolina shows some common sense

September 1, 2013

Washington Times EDITORIAL: Constitution-free campuses Millions of young Americans are welcoming their first taste of freedom away from home as college classes begin around the country. The experience soured on a growing number of campuses where administrators have set up a Constitution-free zone that denies basic freedoms. At Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, S.C., freedom...
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Posted in Education, Free Speech, Universities | 2 Comments »

Senator McCain Demands Answers from DOJ over Campus Censorship “Blueprint”

June 27, 2013

NCFM NOTE: For those of you following this over the top reach of the DOJ and DOE to install kangaroo court justice on college campuses take heart, Mr. McCain heard the groans and moans of those who still believe in due process and equal treatment. This DOJ/DOE stealthy bank robbery has feminist jurisprudence finger prints...
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Posted in Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Due Process, Education, Elite, Feminist Jurisprudence, Government Programs for Women, Horrible, Lawyers, Politicians Federal, Progress, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Prosecutors, Sex Discrimination Against Men, Sexism, Shameful, Title IX, Universities, War Against Men | 1 Comment »

Department of Education, Shakespeare, harassment, and screw the classics for political correctness

May 22, 2013

NCFM NOTE: If you aren’t angry after reading this, angry about more federal policies targeting men for specious sexual harassment, targeting them to criminalize them, for no reason other than they can, then you aren’t breathing… are you mad yet? If so, do something about it. Write the DOE and complain. Welcome to ‘unwelcome’...
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Posted in Books, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Education, Men's Rights, Other | 5 Comments »