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Due Process

NCFM and the disappearing 20/20 Mariposa County corruption YouTube episode

July 26, 2018

NCFM Sends Public Records Act Request to Mariposa County Counsel Steve Dahlem as ABC 20/20 News Video Exposing Mariposa County Corruption Suddenly Disappears from YouTube. by NCFM “The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our...
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Posted in Corruption, Courts, Courts Civil, Due Process, False Allegations, NCFM, NCFM | 1 Comment »

NCFM Adviser Gordon Finley, Ph.D., Governor Brown Remembers Due Process

October 17, 2017

Governor Moonbeam Flip-Flops on Due Process Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. I and every other man in America thanks Governor Jerry Brown for his recent veto of SB169 which would have codified into California law former President Obama’s notorious “dear colleague” letter and guidance which explicitly deprives men of all due process rights on college...
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Posted in Abused Men, Boys and Men in Education, Discrimination, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Discrimination Against Men in the Military, Discrimination Men by Men, Due Process, Education, Elite, Female Perpetrators, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Gordon Finley, Ph.D, Radical, Revolutionary, Supremist, Title IX, Victim Male, War Against Men, war against men | No Comments »

NCFM sends letter to Mariposa County DA about injustices in the Jerry Cox case

October 6, 2017

NCFM Member Jerry Cox was falsely accused of kidnapping and rape. Jerry was arrested, jailed, hired top-notch attorneys at great cost, had his ranch seized (over 450 acres to include several buildings and all equipment), and had to sell his buffalo and cattle herds. Thus far this horrific injustice has cost him over $40 million...
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Posted in Court Cases, Courts, Courts Other, Discrimination, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Discrimination Men by Men, Due Process, False Allegations, Female Perpetrators, Female Privilege, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Feminist Jurisprudence, Gender Politics, Girl Power, Government Programs for Women, Male Victims, Misandry, NCFM, NCFM, NCFM Accomplishment, NCFM First, NCFM in the news, Perps government, Radical, Rape, Rape Allegations, Revolutionary, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault, Shameful, Supremist, VAWA, War Against Men | 3 Comments »