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NCFM Mr. Manners Solves the Genders Wage Gap (satire)

March 26, 2022
wage gap

Dear Mr. Manners: When we talk about the wage gap for full time workers, do we mean the $65,902 median income white families earn compared to the S126,705 earned by India Americans (List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income)?  Meaning, white families earn about 52 cents for every dollar of those American’s who...
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NCFM PR Director Steven Svoboda, announces a core report on Genital Autonomy – male circumcision

March 24, 2022

A team, the International NGO Coalition on Genital Autonomy (INGOCGA), has finished work in March 2022 on a core report on male circumcision as a human rights violation, which can be found here. The core report is intended for use and adaptation by local activists in countries around the world wishing to submit a...
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NCFM Mr. Manners,  In Defense of the Simpsons. Mr. Manners Tackles Television (Satire)

January 1, 2022

Early this century, “The National Organization for Women” announced that they actually found a few television programs that depicted the sexes in a fair way. One of the them being “The Simpsons.”  Perhaps it was the episode in which the dad of the show Homer Simpson, engaged in humiliating acts for money?  One of...
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